Boat Stabilizer

The Quietest, Most Effective Anti-Roll Device — Guaranteed


36 in. Rock 'n Roll™ Boat Stabilizer

  • For use on sailboats, the Rock 'n Roll™ may be attached to a “swing out” boom or to a spinnaker pole
  • For use on other boats, we recommend the Rock 'n Roll™ Outrigger System
  • For boats up to 40,000 lbs. displacement one Rock 'n Roll™ Boat Stabilizer is recommended. For boats over 40,000 lbs. or in situations where more stabilization is required we recommend two stabilizers.
  • Rock 'n Roll™ Boat Stabilizers do not include depth control or retrieval lines. Storage/carrying case included with stabilizer.


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97 in. Telescoping Outrigger System

  • Telescopes from 42” to 97”
  • Dramatically increase the “Rock ’N’ Roll”™ Boat Stabilizer’s effectiveness
  • Collapses for easy stowage in a stabilizer storage/carrying case
  • Complete with outboard dacron support lines


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