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Universal Pedestal Adapter

Mount Magma Products to Garelick, Springfield or Todd Pedestals


This simple but very effective adapter allows you to mount your Magma rectangular grill to your Garelick, Springfield or Todd pedestal. Made of 100% U.V. stabilized high density polyethylene. This adapter will not chip, crack or peel and is virtually indestructible.



  • Designed to be used on Garelick, Springfield or Todd pedestals
  • Compatible with dual mount (DM) rectangular marine grills
  • Recommended for rectangular marine grills that can adapt to both single and dual mount applications.
  • NOT compatible with RV camping grills or tables.


  • Standard Duty Mount — Designed for use while anchored or moored. Though strong and versatile, should be stowed while underway.
  • Adapter NOT required when using Magma's own T10-185 Pedestal Mount.