Monterey™ Gas Grill

A10-1225LAU-1 — Australia 1


STANDARD DUTY MOUNTS (SD) are designed for use while anchored or moored. Although strong and versatile, they should be stowed while underway.

HEAVY DUTY MOUNTS (HD) are designed to allow grilling underway. All fasteners for attaching either mount to Gourmet Series Grills are included with grill.

Pedestal Mount

  • Standard Duty (SD)

    "Double" Locking Stowable Pedestal Mount

  • Standard Duty (SD)

    LeveLock® Adjustable All-Angle Accessory for Magma Pedestal Mount

  • Standard Duty (SD)

    Universal Pedestal Adapter

Fish Rod Holder Mounts

  • Heavy Duty (HD)

    LeveLock® All-Angle Fish Rod Holder Mount

  • Heavy Duty (HD)

    Pow'rGrip™ LeveLock® Double Locking Fish Rod Holder Mount

Square Rail Mounts

Deck Socket Mounts