Mini Pocket Light

High-intensity LED light


  • Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket

  • Velcro Strap for Attaching to Railings or Other Fixtures

  • Convenient Lanyards or Keychain Hole

  • 6 Individual High-Intensity LED Light Bulbs

  • High Temperature Silicone Cover Protect Against Smoke, Heat and Water

  • Weather/Shock Proof

  • Uses Long-Lasting 9 Volt Battery (Included)

  • Easy Use Push Button On-Off Switch Operation


Always in need of additional light on-board at night, the new universal light from Magma is the perfect answer. Useful and durable for almost any application. Stylish in design, this light attaches to almost anything; using its Velcro attachment strap or attach a lanyard or on a keychain when that additional illumination needed. Waterproof/shockproof and its non-skid silicone cover is resistant to heat, easy to clean, while protecting all internal components from the harsh marine environment. Its long-lasting 9 volt battery (included) maintains its power when you need it most. The light features an easy to use 3 stage push button on-off switch to operate the 6 high-intensity LED light bulbs. The (4) white LED bulbs provide a solid beam of light while the (2) red LED bulbs provide either a ... See More