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Pow'rGrip™ LeveLock® Double Locking Fish Rod Holder Mount


Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.....this mount adjusts and locks in place at both ends. We've joined the LeveLock® Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount, with the Pow'rGrip™ Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount. This allows the Pow'rGrip™ portion of the mount to adjust to most cylinder type rod holder and lock in place, while the LeveLock® portion of the mount, adjusts and locks your Magma rectangular grill or single mount filet table. Made of 18-8 stainless steel and cast 356 hard anodized aluminum to endure the most severe marine environment. This versatile mount fits most cylindrical type rod holders and its unique quick disconnect system allows instant installation or storage after use without tools. This patented mount is the strongest, most corrosion resistant, most versatile... See More



  • Compatible with ALL rectangular marine grills and single mount (SM) tables.
  • NOT compatible with RV camping grills or dual mount tables.


  • Heavy Duty — Designed specifically for grilling underway.
  • Fasteners for attaching this mount to your grill or single mount (SM) table are included with those products and NOT with this mount.