Best Gas Grills Under $500


Gas grill pricing can range from around $100 to well over $5,000 depending on the brand and features it’s equipped with. That high end is pretty steep, but the good news is that you don’t actually have to spend a ton of money to get a gas grill that’s packed with great features. The best gas grills under $500 offer good heat control, plenty of grill surface area, and are constructed from materials that won’t rust in the outdoor elements. Many of these grills even offer some of the features you’ll find on top of the range grills like side burners, griddle tops, push button starts, and infrared technology.

Our top picks range from $400 to $500 and they are top of the line grills we know you’ll love. Plus, with all the money you’re saving on a grill you can head out on your next epic adventure sooner!

The Best Marine Gas Grill Under $500

Newport Infrared Gas Grill - $499.99

The Newport Infrared Gas Grill is one of the best value infrared grills on the market, period. It’s an incredible deal at $499, fully loaded with all of the features you’d want in a boat grill including a push button ignition, hermetically sealed thermometer, and a combustion system that keeps the grill lit even in high wind conditions. The grill comes with built-in fold away legs but can also be mounted to your boat for added space and stability while cooking. 

What’s missing? This grill doesn’t include a side burner, foldaway shelf, or griddle top, but for the price it offers a lot of bang for your buck. And, it’s compatible with several attachment options to extend its functionality.

We recommend adding on the removable serving shelf/cutting board option as it really increases the functionality of the grill when you have that space to set things down or take food off the heat quickly. 

See the full specs of the Newport Infrared Grill.

Best Portable Gas Grill Under $500 for Camping

Crossover Single Burner, Grill, and Griddle Bundle - $439.99 $263.99

The Crossover Grill Series is a modular grill system that is built off a single or double firebox and paired with a variety of attachment options to be exactly the grill you need it to be. The single burner, grill, griddle bundle is on sale right now for 40% off its usual price making it an even more incredible deal.

The Crossover single firebox is powered by 15,000 BTUs and uses a specially designed diffuser plate to evenly distribute heat across the grill surface. With this set of attachments, the Crossover can be used as a stove, grill, or griddle with a quick switch.

What doesn’t this grill have? The option to do it all at once. If you want a grill that offers the option to boil water while you grill, you’ll need to check out the Crossover Double Burner, Grill, and Griddle Bundle that offers 2x the cooking surface.

But for an ultra portable camping grill, this Crossover Single Firebox bundle can’t be beat. And, at the sale price you have room in the budget to add in the Quad Pod Stand, a telescoping grill tool set, and a padded storage case.

See the full specs of the Crossover Single Burner, Grill, and Griddle Bundle.

Final Verdict

Whether you're boating, RVing, camping, or taking off on any sort of adventure and you want an affordable grill that will keep up with you and last for many adventures to come, Magma Grills are the way to go. Designed and built for grilling on the go, Magma offers the best portable grills on the market today.

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