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Cutting Safety Tips for the Boat

We all know it’s important to stay safe when out on open waters. However, there's one area that often goes overlooked: cutting safety. Whether you're prepping bait, cleaning the day’s catch, or serving up a delicious meal, using a knife on a boat without a cutting board can pose significant risks. Following these cutting safety tips can effectively prevent injuries and ensure a secure and enjoyable boating experience. 

Essential Boat Cutting Safety Tips

Using a knife without a cutting board on a boat poses significant risks to your safety, the safety of others on board and the boat itself. Remember to always cut with a suitable boat cutting board and take the following proactive precautions for a safe, incident-free boating experience.

  1. Use a cutting board designed for boats

    A mounted cutting board or fillet table designed for boats is crucial for cutting safety. They don't just elevate the cutting experience but also ensure a stable and secure surface for precise cutting tasks. 

    These specialized tables mount securely on boats, providing a reliable and clean cutting area. With these boards, you can confidently prepare bait, clean your catch, or cook meals, knowing you have a dedicated and dependable surface.

  2. Secure the cutting board properly

    To ensure stability and prevent accidents when cutting on board, make sure you have the appropriate mounting hardware. Whether you choose to use a rod holder cutting board mount or round rail mounts, you’ll know that your cutting surface is properly secured. 

  3. Choose the right knife for the job 

    Make sure your boat is equipped with suitable knives tailored to the specific tasks you’ll be using them for. The knife you cut rope with is not the same knife you should use for food prep or bait. Look for knives with a good handle grip and a protective sheath for storage. 

  4. Be mindful of your surroundings

    As you use knives to prepare bait, clean your catch, or serve meals, make sure to be mindful of who you’re sharing your space with. By doing so, you can prevent potential accidents and collisions in the confined space of your boat. 

    Avoiding distractions while cutting is equally essential, as losing focus, even for a moment, can lead to mishaps and jeopardize the safety of everyone on board. Prioritizing awareness creates a safer-cutting environment and allows everyone to enjoy their time on the water without worry. 

Magma's Mounted Cutting Board Options

Crafted with durability and designed specifically for boaters, these cutting boards offer a stable, slip-resistant surface, for all your boat cutting needs.

First Mate Cutting & Serving Table 

Experience versatile functionality beyond bait preparation and fish cleaning with First Mate Cutting & Serving Table. The robust Dual Mount design of this fish cutting board combines the strength of a workbench with Magma’s quick-release mount systems for secure storage without compromising safety. This table is expertly built with commercial-quality compression-molded high-density polyethylene, ensuring it's tough, practical, and odor-resistant for all your adventures. It also boasts FDA-approved materials that are resistant to UV, mildew, and cracking for your added peace of mind.

Bait/Fillet Mate Table with LeveLock® Mount

This one offers a hygienic culinary experience as it is FDA approved for food preparation and service. The Bait/Fillet Mate Table is made of commercial-quality UV-stabilized compression-molded high-density polyethylene, and guarantees a worry-free and safe cutting surface. They even outperform traditional wood fillet tables in being more sanitary, preventing issues like cracking, peeling, mildew, and bacterial or fish odor absorption, ensuring a consistently reliable and clean workspace.

Alternatively, consider Magma's cutting board that converts your Fillet table into a serving table for added convenience and versatility. Slide this cutting board directly into the table to enjoy a sanitary surface for food preparation or serving hors d'oeuvres while on board.


Prioritize your safety and enjoy carefree moments on the water. Discover the full range of Magma fillet table options designed to enhance cutting safety and provide a reliable surface for all your boat cutting needs.