Flat Bamboo Kabob Skewers

8 in. (20.3 cm) skewers


  • 100% Hygienic Bamboo

  • Flat Design Prevents Food From Turning or Falling Off Skewer

  • Wide “Handles” Design Aids in Preparation and Grilling

  • Absorbs Water Faster and Won't Burn As Easily As Other Skewers

  • Package Includes 25 Individual 8" Skewers


These 100% Hygienic Flat Bamboo Grilling Skewers by Magma are a must have for any serious grilling enthusiast. The flat design aids in keeping the food from twisting or falling off of the skewer when the food is being turned on the grill. The flat design also allows the skewer to absorb water faster than round skewers which gets you grilling your Shish kabobs, Beef kabobs or Chicken kabobs faster. The wide flat handle design makes preparation quick and easy.