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Extended "Dual" Side, Bulkhead or Square/Flat Rail Mount

Fits up to 4-1/8 in. (104.8 mm) Square Rails


This all 18-8 stainless steel mount extends your grill or filet table 8 in. (20.3 cm) inboard or outboard and attaches to square or flat rails up to 4-1/8 in. (104.8 mm) high by any depth. Mount can also attach to any flat vertical surface such as bulkheads, gunnels, transoms, or cabin sides. Rod portion of mount quickly disconnects for easy storage. Some fasteners required for installation.



  • Compatible with dual mount (DM) rectangular marine grills and dual mount (DM) tables.
  • NOT compatible with rectangular marine grills that are exclusively single mount, single mount tables, or RV camping grills.


  • Heavy Duty — Designed specifically for grilling underway.
  • Fasteners for attaching this mount to your dual mount grill or table are included with those products and NOT this mount.
  • Some additional fasteners required for complete installations.

Rail Sizes