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5 Must-Try Tips to Maximize Space in Your RV Kitchen

If you’re full timing or even just taking your RV out for long weekends, it doesn’t take long to recognize how important it is to be mindful of the limited space available on your rig. Every square inch of space needs to serve a purpose. There simply is no space to waste in a motorhome. RVers, tiny home owners, and apartment dwellers have been coming up with really clever solutions to maximize space in small living spaces for ages and they’ve come up with excellent ideas. These are 5 tips you’ve got to try to make the most of the space in your RV kitchen.


1. Buy stackable pots and pans

Just because you have limited storage space doesn’t mean you have to try to make spaghetti in a frying pan. With a nesting cookware set you can have a full kitchen set of oven safe pots and pans with a removable handle taking up just as little space as a single pot.

2. Expand counter space

To extend your rv kitchen counter space, consider choosing a cutting board slightly bigger than your sink basin to rest across the top of the sink. Essentially doubling your prep space, this is a well known RV hack that makes a huge difference.

3. Hang your cooking utensils

Cooking and grilling utensils can take up a lot of drawer space. Adding a small hanging bar with a few hooks makes great use of vertical wall space and it’s a convenient spot to grab whatever kitchen tool you need while cooking. 

4. Choose collapsable when possible

Bowls, strainers, dish drainers, and more are now available in a collapsible silicone option. The ability to collapse and store these items flat when not in use is a major space saver.

5. Add cabinet organizers

Every item in your RV kitchen should have a dedicated spot. With limited cabinet space, using organizers like cabinet shelving, storage bins, or additional storage racking added to the back of your cabinet doors can make a big difference. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can fit when you get organized.

And a bonus tip: an RV grill mounted to your rig is a great way to maximize your space and helps you avoid the dreaded lingering smells of cooking inside your RV. Read our blog on the 6 best grills for RVs or browse our RV grills, cookware, and accessories now.