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Top 3 Pontoon Boat Grills

The best way to spend a day is out on the water enjoying the weather and the company of friends and family. And what could make a day on the boat even better? That’s right, a BBQ. Whether you’re grilling up burgers or fish you just caught, there’s nothing like a barbecue out on the water. Learn more about our top three pontoon boat grills and find the one that fits your needs best. 

Crossover Single Burner Firebox

The Crossover Single Burner Firebox is the perfect boat grill for anyone who loves to grill or BBQ while relaxing on the water. Highlighting a modular design, the crossover can transform from stove to griddle, grill, or plancha top, allowing for cooking versatility while out on the water. The high-quality stainless steel grate makes cleaning and removing food debris a snap, which is incredibly important when storing for the season. The easy-to-slide drawer collects grease and oil while cooking, making the easy-to-clean parts much more accessible. With a durable, heat-resistant thermoplastic handle and knobs, you can be sure that this boat grill will last for years. The attached molded plastic platform holds a 1lb gas cylinder at a 35-degree angle for optimal gas flow with easy access right where you need it. The convenient fold-out food preparation shelf and side handle make it easy to collapse and store, while its reinforced support ensures a stable cooking surface in choppy waters. The built-in wind deflector protects the flame from wind gusts, ensuring that your food remains hot and delicious. This firebox is made entirely of marine-grade stainless steel, designed to withstand the harshest environments.  

Marine Kettle Gas Grill

The Marine Kettle Gas Grill is an innovative grill designed for windy conditions, a constant for all boating adventures. The balanced hinged lid will not slam shut, and the combination grease catch pan/wind baffle will keep the wind gusts out while keeping the flames and grease in. The patented Tubo Venturi Tube allows you to position the tank and valve control anywhere you want and is compatible with existing onboard LPG, making this one of the most flexible and convenient boat grills on the market. And with the combination grease catch, the pan/wind baffle will keep the wind gusts out and keep the flames and grease in, allowing you to cook in almost any condition. The stay-cool handle provides a comfortable grip even when the grill is hot. With a cooking surface area of 133" and a weight of 7.73 lbs, this is a perfect addition for your smaller boats where space is limited. 

Newport Infrared Gas Grill

The Newport Infrared Gas Grill offers a dual element radiant plate and infrared radiant screens for intense heat. Featuring a stainless steel plate that helps maximize fuel efficiency and provides perfect heat distribution, this boat grill is ideal for anyone who wants the convenience and power of a gas grill with the even heat distribution and intense heat of an infrared grill. With its turbo burner design, this grill can quickly produce extreme heat that evenly cooks your food to perfection. The inner lining safety shell reduces flare-ups and heat discoloration by funneling grease into the locking, front access grease tray, and the sectional grill grates make it easy to keep sparkling clean and like new. The grill's electronic ignition makes lighting the grill a breeze, and the full-length stainless steel handle provides access from either side for quick transport and easy mounting. The viewing window lets you see your food without opening the grill, allowing you to perfect your cooking. Additionally, the lockable balanced lid helps keep all inner components in place when transporting, making it the perfect choice for your pontoon boat. 


All great grills need dependable and sturdy mounts to keep them stable during the trip. Magma has all the pontoon boat grill mounts you will need for every pontoon design! There are several options to choose from, as we have a large selection of mounts for every boat grill we sell. For the Crossover Firebox or Rectangular Grills, the surface slide mount is our most popular option and can be attached to any flat surface, with a quick-release clamp for easy removal and storage. Our stowable pedestal mount is perfect for the deck or smaller boats, storing easily when not in use, and is lightweight.  Our square railing mount is perfect for your pontoon, leaving your grill out of the way and accessible for cooking, attaching easily, and holding the grill in place even in rough conditions. For the Kettle Grills, we off both the stowable pedestal mount and square railing mount options, for safe BBQ use and easy installation while on board your pontoon boat.

So there you have it, the top three pontoon boat grills. Whether you’ve got a big pontoon or a small one, need cooking surface versatility, or want the power of infrared, we’ve got you covered. Browse all of our available pontoon boat grill models and order your favorite today.

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